Friday, 21 February 2014

To my Sweet Love

In mine heart doth thou live
Thine fair face doth pleasure give
In mine thoughts do I carry thee
‘cause thou hast filled love in me

The sacred hour I saw thy face
I lost advice in thy grace
If aught hath possess self of mine
‘Tis the charming picture of thine

O’ do I live dead now?
For thou hath forworn to love
My dear heart’s dearer heart
I beg thee to stay, not part

I canst not ever forget thee
Nor canst thou ever forget me
Though thy love doth thou deny
I see love springeth from you eye

Thine sweet face, a feast for my eyes
Music of thy words, do soothe my ears
Sick in health, laughing I cry,
Waking sleep – by love feel I.

Beams of thy sun, light my day
Path thou shalt take, maketh my way
Thyself will I dote, and sing for thou
Thou art mine, and thee will I love.


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