Monday, 18 November 2013

Wrapped in words

Words are such a beauty
Woven with other words
Threading into reality
Your thoughts in herds.

Translating what you think
On paper as patterns,
Poured out in black ink
In twists and turns.

They are spells of magic
Which musically narrate
Tales happy and tragic,
Of love and of hate.

Where stories happily end
And dreams make sense,
Spices of life blend, and
Bring out emotions intense.

They form potions for power,
Make you laugh while you cry,
You cringe and you cower,
And you groan and sigh.

How many places you travel,
People you get to meet
As mysteries unravel
And histories repeat

The winter turns warm
When to reading you hook
With all the wordy charm
Wrapped up in a book.


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