Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Gone with the Wind


I feel like a dry leaf
That the wind has blown
I try to go ahead,
But the wind keeps me down;
Trampled by passers-by,
Leaving me in pain to moan.

Rustled and crumpled I lay,
Though I want to move on
And find a new way.
I toddle like a little child,
I rise but stumble and sway,
I drop and I slide, forlorn.

Someone would stop to look, I hope
To give me a lending hand.
I struggle and grope,
For something to hold, to stand,
To be strong and bold,
So I don't fall again.

All of a sudden I'm lifted,
The wind is back for me
To make way for fulfillment
To take me away, along. . .
To carry me high, to my niche
To keep me going on.



  1. You were on the way to somewhere,
    Time was waiting for some thing,
    Which you never imagined,
    Which you never dreamed,

    But it came with unknown name,
    with unknown identity,
    That was nothing else,
    other than eternal beauty,
    Your self-confidence,
    and sincerity towards your duty.
    (A. Jha)

  2. Too gud...keep writing....

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